Pygmy - I feel like Chuck Palahniuk is more for the young and rebellious. That edgy read that tears away and perverts the mundane of suburban life and the American dream. I get it, but I am a bit over it.Reading a few Chuck Palahniuks are enjoyable until the message and delivery get a bit repetitive. At times it seems like he is shocking just for the sake to shock and to shove down what amounts to be the same "fuck the system" message.I liked Fight Club, I liked Survivor, Choke was okay, Lullaby was like really?, and now Pygmy is "meh, what other tricks do you have besides making exaggerated caricatures of perverted social norms coupled with repetitive pointless graphic content?"I am not against graphic content, I like it when it has a point, and I am not sure that Chuck Palahniuk really has a point to drive home that requires such repetitive devices. It is like a knife you have used to much and now it is dull. Either Chuck Palahniuk needs to sharpen his tools by updating his methods and delivery or get new sharper tools.