The Wolf Gift

The Wolf Gift - Anne Rice This book is absolutely horrible. I wanted to quit so many times. The characters are not only unbelievable, but this plot doesn't really make much sense. It seemed like to much had happened or was happening in the background for it to ever make sense.This book really violates what makes supernatural transformation narratives appealing.Typically, when a character is either transformed into something else, may it be a vampire, werewolf, coming of age realizes that they are half-whatever, there needs to be a contrast between the human life of the character and the non-human life of the character.For example, in Teen Wolf, the main character's life isn't all that great. He is on the bottom of the social totem pole, he longs after a girl who doesn't know he exists, and he is not physically impressive. But when he turns into a werewolf, his life is suddenly on the upswing.On the flip side, take the show, Big Wolf on Campus, in this scenario the main character is having an awesome life. He is on the top of the social totem pole, great athletically, and his romantic prospects are rosy. But when he turns into a werewolf suddenly his idealistic life has a wrench thrown into it.Either one of those scenarios work. There needs to be some kind of tension and transformation not only to the circumstances of the character but to the character themselves. However in The Wolf Gift, this character who comes from a rich home, don't argue that he isn't rich his family gave him a Porsche as a gift, everyone dotes on him. "Oh how handsome" "Oh how charming" "Oh how young!" His life is honestly a bed of roses. So what happens when he turns into a werewolf? His life is even more awesome. He has no troubles controlling himself, no ethical, emotional, or moral struggles, even with each transformation he practically orgasms. He is even able to maintain his family connections without all that much drama.There is no real downside for this guy, who seems like a werewolf version of Peter Parker, since he starts reporting on himself. And based on his background his vigilante passion really makes no sense since I doubt he has personally experienced all that much strife in his short existence. Now if his older brother had become a werewolf, after seeing poverty, abuse, and crime in his day to day job. That would make a bigger emotional impact for the reader. But reading about a handsome, wealthy, charming, essentially flawless character fight for justice while sacrificing nothing made me want to throw this book at a wall.Also what the hell was up with Laura? How many flannel nightgowns did she have? And who in the world upon finding a creature, in which media probably has thoroughly reported has been tearing people apart, decides to not run away, but instead sleeps with it?! Just... what?