Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1)

Beautiful Creatures (Beautiful Creatures Series #1) - Just so boring for me. I always find it annoying when they try to make the protagonist relatable, smart and unique, and their default to communicate that is that the character reads books and thinks and all of the the character's teenage peers are shallow, vain and cliquish. I am sorry but that is the lamest attempt to make the protagonist in any young adult novel, unique. All teenagers think, so to paint all teenagers except one as thoughtful, considerate and actually interested in literature is insulting to teenagers everywhere.It seems like it reflects all teenagers inflated egos that they are the only ones out of all of their peers that is thoughtful, intelligent and considerate."I am so much more considerate than the rest of my dumb sheep like peers. Oh a character who reads books like I do! That character is so special... like I am..."I just couldn't muster a care about anyone in this book. And this insta-love is annoying as hell. Most teenage relationships start out with infatuation but are almost guaranteed to fail. Quit feeding into their delusions that their high school crush will be their eternal love.Ugh. I just couldn't stand this book.