Who Was Dracula?: Bram Stoker's Trail of Blood

Who Was Dracula?: Bram Stoker's Trail of Blood - Jim Steinmeyer The information is interesting to a certain point, but it seemed like a large complicated description of Bram Stroker's social circle at the time. The timeline of many of these chapters is pretty confusing. Some early chapters are before Stroker has written Dracula and is being inspired by literature, people, and events. Then there is a chapter in which it discusses reactions to Dracula, and then later back to the when Stroker is being inspire and Dracula has yet to have been published.It seems like this book was a bit disjointed and there were a few chapters in which I expected to be intrigued and engaged but however the execution of the chapter left me bored and disconnected from what was being said. I honestly was bored with the Jack the Ripper chapter.And many times I would start a chapter not knowing why this particular person is being discussed and how it relates directly with Dracula, but then a few pages at the end of the chapter there is a quick tie-in. Almost too little to late, but the tie in I already was bored and mentally skipped over information not knowing if it was ever going to be really relevant. It would have been better to drop a hint to how this person or event is related to Dracula, wet the appetite, and then tie it all in at the end. But that didn't really happen. I was mostly waiting to find out why certain information was relevant.It seems like the author had fun researching and talking about Stroker's inspirations and contemporaries, but it felt a bit dry and disjointed at times.Perhaps if I had read all of the Gothic classics and have had literary love affairs with certain author's work, but I haven't so this book fell a bit flat for me.