I am posting this now since I just read a critique of Jame Salter's work and its perspective on women: In Salter's Novels, The Ladies ARE Lunch. I couldn't agree with this article any more, and it is refreshing to think I wasn't alone in this sentiment after only reading one of his books. Now knowing that the rest of his books, including his award winning books, I have officially decided that I probably won't be picking up James Salter in the future.


Personally I feel that the representation of gender is a very important topic, and I am very glad that discussions such as these are happening with the subject of literature and especially with an author who is held in such a high esteem. Criticizing people who are viewed as  the "best", "most brilliant", "highly underrated", and "genius" is a hard, but very brave thing to do. And maybe you might find out that you aren't alone in your sentiment of such a highly regarded author.


Also, am I the only one who think it is slightly odd that while reading for many is regarded as a more feminine, not exclusively but more feminine, activity, that male authors get more recognition than women? That writing such stunted female characters isn't viewed as a larger risk?


I am not saying that people can't write what every they want, or depict any demographic however they want. But I think discussing literature and sentiments that don't exist in a vacuum is very  important.